Crowns and Bridges in Toronto, ON

Couple hugging | Toronto ON DentistOur goal at Toronto Lakeshore Dental is to assist you in maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile for a lifetime. However, at some point in our lives most of us will encounter tooth decay or sometimes trauma that could result in damage to a tooth, or the loss of a tooth. So often, maintaining your oral health means repairing or replacing a damaged or missing tooth. When this occurs, our doctors will recommend a dental crown or bridge for you.

What is a Dental Crown?

A crown is a restoration that is typically crafted from quality porcelain and utilized to restore your entire tooth, while also protecting your root. It covers your remaining tooth and provides all the function of eating, chewing, talking, and smiling that you had before.

Dr. Joo, Dr. Moore, or Dr. Lee work closely with the top dental laboratories in the area to design and custom shade your crown so that it offers optimum function and high-quality aesthetics. With your new crown in place and your beautiful smile restored, no one will ever know you had a tooth repaired.

How Does a Dental Bridge Replace My Tooth?

For patients missing one or more adjacent teeth, a fixed bridge is a good solution. A bridge uses dental crowns as anchors for customized prosthetic teeth that will complement your smile as well as restoring your function. The anchor crowns are attached to healthy teeth, and because a dental bridge is not removable, keeping your anchor teeth clean is important to ensure its longevity.

Implant-Supported Restorations in Etobicoke

Dental implants are also a great option for replacing and restoring smiles. A few strategically placed implants can support a denture, or anchor a bridge so patients missing multiple teeth can enjoy a more secure fit for their prosthetics, while also protecting the health of their bone.Woman hugging man from behind | Dentist Toronto ON

Dr. Joo can discuss your options for utilizing dental implants to support your restoration. He has extensive training in the field of implant dentistry, which means he can guide you through the procedure from start to finish if you decide that implants are the right treatment for you. You can rest assured knowing that you’ll be taken care of by the team you’ve come to trust throughout your entire procedure. 

Contact Toronto Lakeshore Dental to Learn More

Don’t delay in restoring or repairing a compromised tooth, as this can lead to further issues with your oral health. If you have a tooth in need of repair, contact Toronto Lakeshore Dental today. Our doctors will discuss your needs and goals for your smile with you so can select the procedure that’s right for you.