Family Dentistry in Long Branch Toronto

Family | Family Dentistry TorontoAt Toronto Lakeshore Dental, we welcome patients of all ages to our practice. Whether it’s your first visit to a dental office or your 101st visit, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality care in a modern and friendly environment. We’ve invested in advanced technology to ensure that your dental care is as comfortable and efficient for you as possible.

Dr. Joo and Dr. Moore are friendly, caring, and gentle dentists who focus on patient-centered care. This means that we take the time to listen to your goals and concerns for your oral health and we’ll help you select the treatment that’s right for your needs – not what someone else thinks are your needs. Patients always come first at Toronto Lakeshore Dental.

Children’s Dentistry

We love to welcome our youngest patients to our office, and our doctors recommend that children have their first dental appointment at the age of twelve months old. At this visit, we will spend time acclimating your child to our office, the dental chair, and the instruments we use. We’ll count their teeth and perform an examination to ensure there are no developmental issues of concern.

Because we understand how important these first few visits are for setting your child up for success, we keep them very positive and fun. Our goal is that your child will look forward to their future dental visits. Parents, be sure to bring your young children along to your own dental appointments so they can see that dental visits are not scary.

Patient-Centered Care

For our older patients, our goal is to take care of all of your dental needs in one place. For this reason, we’ve equipped our office with state-of-the-art technology designed to make treatment procedures more comfortable for you. We want our patients to have pleasant and stress-free experiences every time they visit.Family Dentistry Long Branch Toronto

For our patients who feel fear or anxiety about their dental appointments, we offer options for sedation that will help you relax and feel at ease so you’ll be able to get the dental care you need. We never want fear to hold our patients back from getting the care they deserve.

We also offer advanced services for our patients such as dental implant treatment and bone grafting. Because our doctors have completed extensive advanced training, they’re able to complete these types of procedures in the comfort of our own office, so you won’t have to be referred out for treatment.

Our team strives to exceed your expectations at every visit, and we know you’ll appreciate the differences you notice when you come to Toronto Lakeshore Dental. Contact our office today to schedule your next appointment.