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Dental tools | Dentist Etobicoke ONNothing strikes fear into patients' hearts more than the words, “You need a root canal.”

This dental procedure has a bad reputation among patients who associate it with pain; however, did you know that the pain you feel is actually caused by the infection in your tooth and not by the root canal procedure?

Root canal therapy will relieve your pain and get you back on the path to wellness.

When Do I Need a Root Canal?

Your tooth may be infected if it is sensitive to hot, cold, or sweet foods and beverages, and that sensitivity eventually turns into a constant ache. An accident or trauma to your tooth may also cause a need for root canal therapy. The important fact to note is that this pain will not go away on its own. In fact, it will get progressively more severe, and what’s worse is that the infection may travel to other parts of your body.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms or dental pain, contact our dental office right away. We make every effort to accommodate emergency patients as soon as possible because root canal therapy to help to save your tooth can also help you avoid a costly extraction.

Will a Root Canal Be Painful?

Dr. Joo will use a local anesthetic to numb your tooth prior to performing root canal therapy. The anesthetic helps to relieve your immediate pain while also protecting you from feeling any discomfort during the procedure. Most patients are pleasantly surprised at how easy root canal therapy actually is.

During root canal therapy, your damaged or infected root is removed through a small hole that Dr. Joo creates in the top of your tooth. After the infection is cleaned out, your tooth is sealed with a temporary filling and allowed to heal. Your tooth may not be as strong as it was prior to root canal therapy, so Dr. Joo may recommend that you build it back up with a permanent filling or a porcelain crown after your tooth has healed. Your new restoration will protect your remaining root and your natural tooth structure.Main holding jaw in pain | Etobicoke ON Dentist

In Pain? Contact Our Toronto Clinic Right Away!

If you suffer from dental pain when you chew or bite down, sensitivity to hot or cold, or a constant toothache, please contact Toronto Lakeshore Dental as soon as possible. We’re here for you, and we’ll make every effort to see you right away. Remember, the faster we can diagnose your condition, the faster we can help you feel comfortable again.

Our goal is to help you maintain your healthy teeth for a lifetime, and root canal therapy is often the difference between saving your tooth and losing it to an extraction.