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Smile Gallery: Family Dentistry

Nothing is more exciting to us than when our dentistry is able to change lives!

If you’ve considered restoring, enhancing, or improving the appearance of your smile, browse our smile gallery and take a look at some of our patients who have had similar procedures done.

Decay around front teeth | Toronto ON Dentist
Veneers placed on front teeth | Dentist Toronto ON
Anterior Filings and composite veneer
Decay removed and composite esthetic veneer was placed.
Small front tooth | Dentist Toronto ON
Composite Veneer to restore small tooth | Toronto Lakeshore Dental
Single tooth Composite Veneer
Small tooth had a little makeover.
Discoloured grooves in molars | Dentist Toronto ON
Tooth coloured fillings on molars | Toronto ON Dentist
Tooth Coloured Fillings
Tooth coloured fillings can mimic the natural colour and contour.
Failing veneers on front teeth | Toronto ON Dentist
New restorations on front teeth | Toronto ON Dentist
Front teeth make over
Simply replacing failing restorations can change your smile.
Broken fillings on teeth | Toronto Lakeshore Dental
New fillings on teeth | Toronto ON Dentist
Quadrant restorations (White fillings)
When fillings are broken and space created between teeth, there is more chance that food can stick in between teeth and cause decay or gum disease.It is important to recreate nice contact and contour of your teeth to keep them healthy.
Back teeth before fillings | Dentist Toronto ON
Back teeth after tooth coloured fillings | Dentist Toronto ON
Tooth Colour Restorations
Tooth colour restorations completed under the rubber dam.