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What Can I Expect When You Treat My Gum Disease?

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Gum disease is an infection of gum tissue and the main support systems of your teeth. If the foundation for your teeth is compromised, they are in jeopardy.

There are two different types of periodontal disease to be aware of: gingivitis, which is the early stage of gum disease, and periodontitis, which is advanced gum disease. Here's what you can expect when you need periodontal treatment in Toronto, ON.


In the early stage of gum disease, you may notice that your gums appear red or swollen, that they bleed when you brush your teeth, or that you struggle with chronic bad breath that won't go away.

When it's detected early on, gingivitis ...

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Helpful Tips on When to Contact Your Dentist During a Dental Emergency

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You've noticed a slight twinge in your tooth lately when you drink your morning coffee. It goes away fairly quickly on its own, so you haven't considered contacting your dentist. Sometimes it can be hard to determine if you need emergency dentistry in Toronto, ON, so here are some helpful tips on when you should contact your dentist.

Dental Pain

While that little twinge may go away on its own for now, if it continues to persist, it is likely a good time to call your dentist and schedule a routine examination. The quick jolt of sensitivity may be indicating that there is decay in your tooth and if you are ...

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What You Should Know About Our Options for Sedation Dentistry

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Does the thought of going to the dentist cause you to panic? The first thing you should know is that you're not alone. Millions of people feel fear or anxiety about their dental appointments, and that is why modern dentistry offers excellent options for sedation dentistry that can help you get the quality dental care you need. Here's what you should know about sedation dentistry from Toronto Lakeshore Dental.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is an excellent option for patients who just need to "take the edge off" during their dental visit. It is administered in gas form through a mask that you wear during your procedure. It works quickly to help ...

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When is It Time for a Tooth Extraction?

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Our goal as your Toronto, ON dentist, is to help you achieve and maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. Sometimes this means removing a tooth to protect the health of other surrounding teeth. We want you to know that we will do everything we can to ensure your comfort if you find yourself needing a tooth extraction. This includes offering options for sedation dentistry that can help you relax and feel more at ease during your procedure.

Here are some common reasons your tooth might need to be extracted and what you can expect.

Why do I need an Extraction?

Some situations requiring a tooth extraction are:

  • Wisdom teeth: There are several reasons to remove your ...

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3 Types of Dental Emergencies We Can Address

Emergency Dentistry Toronto ON

Dental emergencies can be scary, especially when there is blood or a tooth knocked out. The first thing to do is to remain calm, and the next thing is to call your dental team at Toronto Lakeshore Dental as we handle emergency dentistry in Toronto, ON. Here are some of the emergency situations we can help with.

A Toothache or Dental Pain

There's a difference between dental sensitivity and the pain caused by a dental infection. The latter can be severe enough to keep you awake at night. If your tooth is abscessed or infected, it is important to seek treatment for it as soon as possible, as root canal therapy ...

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3 Upcoming Occasions That Are Perfect Opportunities for a Whiter Smile

Woman Having Teeth Whitened | Toronto ON Dentist

With warmer days right around the corner, you might be thinking of updating your look. Besides hitting the gym or buying some new clothes, don't forget the impact that a beautiful smile can have on not only your appearance but also your confidence. Whether you have a wedding, family reunion, or vacation coming up this summer, teeth whitening in Toronto, ON is a fast and affordable way you can enhance your smile. Here's how it works.

Professional Whitening 101

You can have the convenience of whitening your teeth according to your own schedule with take-home whitening trays. Your dentist uses models of your teeth to create customized trays that provide the ...

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Did You Get Caught by These Oral Health Myths?

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When it comes to achieving optimum oral health, there is often a lot of confusion about the best ways to reach this goal. Your dentist in Toronto is here to bust the myths that may have gotten you into trouble without you even realizing it. Here is what you should know.

Myth #1: Brush Your Teeth Right After You Eat

50% of people surveyed around the world feel that it's important to brush your teeth right after eating your meal. The truth is, you should actually wait at least 30 minutes after eating before you brush your teeth. This avoids spreading any acidic food around your teeth that can weaken your tooth ...

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