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Pain, Swelling, Discoloration: When to Call the Dentist

July 23, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Haejin Lee
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Your tooth feels sensitive when you enjoy your favorite dessert - ice cream! The sharp pain goes away, so you're not sure if you should be concerned or if it's time to contact your dentist. At this point, you may not need immediate attention, but it's likely a good idea to schedule an examination and cleaning with your dental team. Your tooth may have decay that should be removed before it progresses. Here are some other signs that you should contact your dentist.

Chronic Pain or Swelling

If your sensitivity has progressed to constant pain or you notice swelling around your tooth, you should contact your dentist right away. This is likely a dental infection and it won't go away without treatment. Infections occur when decay progresses into the pulp, or root of your tooth, or if you have a fractured tooth or lost restoration. Root canal treatment in Toronto can often preserve an infected tooth when you seek treatment in a timely manner.


If your tooth is showing signs of discoloration, it can also mean there's decay in your tooth. Discoloration can also occur when your tooth suffers a trauma or other injury, and sometimes there is pain associated with trauma. Even if it's not painful, you should contact your dentist right away to have it evaluated. Root canal therapy may also be necessary to preserve an injured tooth.

Contact Toronto Lakeshore Dental

If you notice changes to your teeth, whether you're experiencing pain or not, we recommend that you contact our office right away. We can determine if you should be seen immediately, or if you can schedule an appointment. In either case, your team at Toronto Lakeshore Dental is well equipped to help you manage any situation you may be facing.

We'll assess your condition and get you back on the path to wellness as soon as possible.