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What are the rules for eating after implant surgery?

Dental implants are a two-part undertaking. The first step is surgically placing a titanium tooth root that integrates into the jawbone over months. Later, we cap dental implants with tooth crowns or prosthetics. After the first step, your Etobicoke dentist recommends a special diet for a few days to promote healing.

After your dentist places the crown or prosthetic, there are no eating restrictions.

woman smiling after getting dental implantsEating After Implant Surgery

Immediately following surgery, do not partake in hot foods or drinks until the anesthesia wears off. You could burn soft tissues or your tongue.

In the days following dental implants, we recommend the following types of foods:

  • Mashed potatoes
  • Pureed veggies
  • Creamed soups
  • Yogurt
  • Pudding

In other words, stick to foods that don’t require chewing. This is especially important if you have multiple implant posts placed. Your dentist will let you know when you should return to regular meals and snacks—typically, a few days or up to a week.

It’s also essential to keep the implant site clean during your recovery.

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