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When should children get orthodontics?

If you have a young child with visibly crooked or crowded teeth, you might be wondering about when the best time to start their orthodontic treatment is. 

The short answer is that while it depends specifically on your child and their smile, we usually like to begin orthodontics for kids in Etobicoke between the ages of seven and twelve. 

Watching for Orthodontic Needs as Your Child Ages

Three young adults with braces in etobicokeThe standard age for kids to get braces is usually 11 or 12, and if your child has simple orthodontic needs that don’t require early intervention or complex treatment, we will recommend waiting until they’re around this age.

Sometimes, however, it’s plain to both you and our dental team that your child will benefit from getting a jumpstart on their treatment sooner rather than later.

Additionally, your child should be visiting the dentist at least every six months for teeth cleanings and dental checkups as soon as they get their first tooth, which means that we should have plenty of chances to monitor their smile and create a treatment plan before it's time to begin. 

If it’s evident that your child’s smile needs early intervention, we can start on their treatment as early as age seven or eight. When we provide orthodontics for kids in Etobicoke, we want to make sure that it’s the right time to treat each smile—and your child’s is no exception. 

Schedule an Evaluation for Your Child’s Braces in Etobicoke

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