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My tooth doesn’t hurt. Do I still need a filling?

Woman getting dental filling in etobicokeEven though you don't feel any pain, you should still be concerned about what may be happening in your mouth!

Unfortunately (or fortunately!), most cavities don't cause any pain, which means you may not be aware that you have tooth decay. When cavities get big enough to reach your nerve, you'll start to notice symptoms such as sensitivity and pain. Once you have symptoms, however, treatment procedures get more complex, take longer, and become more expensive. It’s best to be proactive and take care of tooth decay as soon as possible in order to avoid more invasive treatment.

Importance of Preventative Care

This is why regular dental cleanings and check-ups are important. Did you know that Dr. Joo, Dr. Moore, and Dr. Lee can actually detect tooth decay much earlier than you can? By being proactive with your oral health, you may even be able to reverse some cases of tooth decay.

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