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Can I get a dental implant right after a tooth extraction?

Missing teeth can produce numerous adverse side effects beyond the inability to enjoy the full range of foods in a healthy diet. You may also suffer from bone deterioration, drifting and shifting of nearby teeth, bite misalignment, and jaw joint pain. However, a dental implant can restore your smile and its function, including bone health, because it replaces the tooth root and crown.

happy etobicoke woman sitting in tall grassIf you've had a tooth pulled in Etobicoke, you may want a replacement as soon as possible. However, your ability to get a dental implant right after a tooth extraction depends on several factors. If you can, we call the procedure an 'immediate implant placement,' but the extracted tooth cannot be too compromised, and you cannot have any tooth or gum infection. Dr. Joo will need to perform a thorough examination to determine if you're a candidate for immediate implant placement.

Tooth Implants for Excellent Oral Health

A tooth extraction should always be followed with a tooth replacement, and if you desire a dental implant, you may need to wait until your extraction healing is complete. This interval may last between 6–10 weeks but is necessary for your implant procedure to be successful.

Older patients may be concerned that their jawbone may not be able to support a dental implant, but we can offer you a solution to insufficient bone structure through a bone graft. Dr. Joo is proud to present this procedure so that you can receive all facets of your tooth implant preparation in one place.

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