Etobicoke Teeth Whitening

etobicoke woman smiling Has your smile lost a bit of its sparkle? Do you find yourself hiding your teeth when you smile in photos? Did you know that whitening your teeth is an affordable and effective way to brighten and update your smile?

It’s quick and easy to whiten your teeth at home based on your own schedule with Toronto Lakeshore Dental’s personalized whitening trays.

How Professional Whitening Works

We’ll start by using impressions we take of your teeth to create customized trays for you. After ensuring the proper fit, we’ll show you how to safely apply the high-strength whitening gel we’ll supply for you. Trays that are designed to fit your teetfh offer better protection from excess whitening gel for your gums and soft tissues than one-size-fits-all whitening systems you might purchase at the store.

Most patients achieve their desired results after about two weeks of whitening, and the results typically last for many months. You’ll be able to update your smile at home with your trays anytime you like because we have whitening gel here at our dental office that you can purchase.

Why Choose Professional Whitening?

With so many whitening products available for purchase at the store, you may wonder why you should choose a professional whitening system? Working with your Toronto dentist to whiten your teeth offers many benefits such as:

  • Your dentist has access to a higher-strength whitening gel, which means faster results with less time.
  • Your whitening trays are customized to fit and protect you, while most store-bought whitening products are one-size-fits-all.
  • Many generic whitening kits are only designed to whiten the sightline, or front six teeth, which may not achieve your desired results.
  • Whitening treatment under the supervision of your dentist is always the best choice in case you encounter issues with tooth sensitivity.

Protecting Your Investmentbefore and after photo of teeth whitening

When you invest in whitening your teeth, you’ll want to learn how you can maintain your beautiful smile. Certain foods and beverages can stain your teeth such as:

  • Coffee, tea, dark colas, and red wine
  • Blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries
  • Curries or soy sauce
  • Tomato or marinara sauce

You don’t have to completely avoid these foods and drinks, but being aware of them will allow you to rinse with water or brush your teeth after consuming them.

Consistent home care and regular cleanings with your dental hygienist every six months will also help to keep your teeth whiter and brighter. Our Etobicoke dentists can also recommend certain toothpaste or other products that can help protect your bright smile.

Ready to Learn More About Teeth Whitening?

Would you like to learn more about how teeth whitening can benefit your smile and your confidence? Give Toronto Lakeshore Dental a call today!