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Is professional teeth whitening more effective?

With so many teeth bleaching products available at your local grocery store, you might wonder if professional teeth whitening with your Etobicoke dentist is worth it. Well, the answer to that question is  - yes - and here's why.

woman getting teeth whitened in etobicokeProfessional Teeth Whitening in Toronto

The teeth whitening gel that your dentist offers is of higher strength than what you can purchase at the store. Simply put, this means that you're likely to achieve the results you want more quickly with your dentist than with over-the-counter products. 

Teeth Whitening Process at Toronto Lakeshore Dental

When you choose teeth whitening at Toronto Lakeshore Dental, we make you custom plastic whitening trays with impressions that we take of your teeth. Custom trays offer better protection from any whitening gel that might escape and irritate your gums. They also ensure that you achieve the best results. Store-bought products may be ill-fitting, making it harder to achieve your desired results.

Your dentist can also help with any tooth sensitivity you may encounter. Teeth whitening in Etobicoke is safer under the supervision of your dentist. 

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