Orthodontics for Adults and Children in Etobicoke

young woman with braces | Dentist tucson azAt Toronto Lakeshore Dental, we strive to offer comprehensive dentistry you can rely on in one convenient location serving the communities of Mississauga, Etobicoke, and the greater Toronto area. One of the services we provide is comprehensive orthodontic treatment, including both traditional and invisible braces.

Orthodontic treatment at our Etobicoke dental office makes it convenient for both adults and children to straighten their teeth and protect their dental health with consistent teeth cleanings all in one location.

When Should My Child Be Evaluated for Orthodontic Treatment?

With consistent dental examinations every six months starting at age one, our dentists at Toronto Lakeshore Dental will be monitoring your child’s oral development.

Due to problems like crowding, or issues with underbites or overbites, some children can benefit from orthodontic treatment earlier than others. Early orthodontic treatment allows our dentists to take advantage of your child’s jaw growth and correct their bite or make space for crowded teeth. This makes orthodontic treatment more effective and often easier in the future.

At the age of seven years old is when we begin to evaluate children for orthodontic treatment. Otherwise, we recommend treatment for those who don’t need early intervention around the ages of 11 or 12.

Comfortable Braces for Adults in M8W 1N6

At Toronto Lakeshore Dental, we offer both traditional and invisible braces with Invisalign for adults. Treatment with Invisalign works well for many patients; however, invisible braces can’t correct complicated bite issues.

For adults that need traditional orthodontic treatment, we offer both clear and metal braces. Our dentists will evaluate your situation with photos, x-rays, and a thorough examination. We will determine the type of treatment that will correct your bite and align your teeth for a healthier, more beautiful smile.

Why It’s Important to Straighten Your Teeth

When you live with crooked teeth, you may not feel confident about your smile. Straightening your teeth gives you a smile you can be proud of, but it also benefits your oral health.man with braces | long branch on dentist

Teeth that are rotated or overlap can be difficult to access when brushing and flossing. When you can’t keep your teeth clean, plaque and bacteria build-up, which can result in issues like gum disease, tooth decay, and cavities. Having teeth that are correctly aligned makes them easier to clean and take care of.

If your bite is out of alignment, it can create problems if your jaw joint has to compensate. Painful issues like headaches, popping and clicking sounds, and lockjaw can develop from a misaligned bite.

Straightening your teeth results in more confidence and better dental health.

Take the Next Steps to a Straighter Smile in Toronto

Your straighter, more beautiful smile is just a phone call away! If you’d like to schedule an orthodontic evaluation in Etobicoke, we encourage you to contact your team at Toronto Lakeshore Dental today.