Dental Implants in Etobicoke

A missing tooth impacts your life in several ways. For instance, your confidence may be diminished because you feel embarrassed about smiling or talking in front of other people. Your nutrition and digestion may also suffer because you cannot properly chew and eat the healthy foods you were used to enjoying. 

While good nutrition and feeling confident are of the utmost importance, did you know that not replacing missing teeth also impacts your oral health?

When you’re missing a tooth's root, your jawbone will begin to deteriorate or lose density over time. This changes the appearance of your face and puts you at a higher risk for periodontal disease and tooth loss. Without a tooth replacement, your remaining teeth begin to drift into the open space, causing bite misalignment and increasing your risk for fractures or other damage to your teeth.

The good news is that dental implants are the optimal choice for replacing one or more missing teeth. Toronto implant dentist Dr. Joo can guide you through the entire implant procedure from start to finish, so you’ll never have to go elsewhere to complete any of your implant treatments, and you'll always get to work with the team that you already trust.

If you're living with the impact of missing teeth, we invite you to contact Toronto Lakeshore Dental today at (416) 503-3335 to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Joo.

daughter taking a selfie with her fatherWhat Is a Dental Implant?

The secret to a dental implant's success is the fact that it replaces both your root and tooth, which no other replacement option offers. Your root is replaced with a titanium post that is biocompatible and integrates with your bone over time. This process, called osseointegration, takes anywhere from three to six months to allow your implant to fuse with your bone fully. 

Your tooth is replaced with a porcelain crown that your Etobicoke dentist will custom design to complement your existing teeth. Your dental implant is both durable and aesthetically appealing, so no one will ever know you were missing a tooth. Because your implant mimics your natural tooth, it’s easy to care for, and you’ll be able to brush and floss just as you were used to doing. Excellent home care helps promote the longevity of your tooth implant.

Dental implants can also replace multiple missing teeth by anchoring and supporting dental prosthetics like a dental bridge, partial, or full denture. Tooth implants provide stability and support for these appliances so there's no slippage or movement during talking or eating. They also protect bone health to improve your prosthetic's longevity.

The Advantages of Dental Implants for Tooth Replacement

Dental implants offer several advantages over other tooth replacement choices, such as:

  • Protects your dental health by replacing both your tooth and its root
  • Offers excellent longevity with good home care
  • Is a reliable procedure with a 95 percent success rate
  • Looks, functions, and feels like a natural tooth
  • Blends flawlessly with your smile
  • Can be a wise long-term investment for your smile and dental health
  • Is capable of replacing multiple missing teeth

With regular dental check-ups every six months with your Etobicoke dentist combined with excellent home care, your dental implant can potentially last a lifetime.

Guided Implant Surgery in Torontoman and woman smiling up at camera

Our Toronto office utilizes 3D imaging and guided surgery planning when placing dental implants. Our dentists have found this to be the most effective and efficient method for our patients since it delivers excellent results while also being minimally invasive.

Using the CT scans' images, our Toronto dentists can plan implant placement surgeries ahead of time, which makes placement more accurate and precise. Better accuracy results in a more efficient and less invasive surgery for patients that doesn’t even require a suture. There is also less pain, and in some cases, we can place a temporary tooth on the same day.

Guided implant surgery is very efficient, and the dental implant procedure may only take 10 to 15 minutes from start to finish, giving patients plenty of recovery time.

Bone Grafting and Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)

Dental implants in Etobicoke require two things to be successful. One is that the patient is in good overall health, and the other is that the patient has enough healthy bone structure to support the implant. For patients lacking healthy bone structure, bone grafting is an option and is a procedure that Dr. Joo can complete for you here at Toronto Lakeshore Dental.

Bone grafting uses a healthy bone material to build up your own bone structure to support a dental implant successfully. The grafted bone will fuse with your existing bone to create a firm and stable foundation for your dental implant. There is a healing period of a few months to allow the bone to integrate properly.

During bone grafting, Dr. Joo uses a process called Platelet Rich Fibrin, or PRF, which extracts the stem cells from the patient’s own blood to help enrich and accelerate the healing process during and after bone grafting. This leading-edge technique helps to ensure that your bone graft achieves optimum results.

woman smiling while holding brown coffee mugIs Implant Dentistry Expensive?

The truth is that the cost of implant dentistry differs with each patient's unique needs. As an example, a patient considering an implant-supported denture will naturally have a higher cost than a patient replacing a single tooth with an implant. The best way to determine how much your implant treatment might cost is to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Joo.

During your evaluation, he will create a customised treatment plan tailored to your needs. He will also review the procedures, how long your treatment might take, and the exact cost of your treatment plan.

Our knowledgeable financial coordinators can discuss options for fitting your implant treatment comfortably into your budget. At Toronto Lakeshore Dental, we do accept some dental insurance plans and also work with the PayBright Payment Program, which may allow you to break the cost of your treatment into affordable monthly payments. Some payment plans with PayBright are even interest-free, and it's a simple program to sign up for and manage.

We're happy to work with you so you can restore both your smile and your confidence with ease and convenience.

Who Is a Candidate for Dental Implants in Etobicoke

We’re proud to offer our patients the most advanced dental services available at our Toronto dental office. Combined with the leading-edge technology he uses and his extensive training, Dr. Joo can make dental implants accessible for almost every patient.

Even if you've been told in the past that tooth implants might not work for your needs, we encourage you to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Joo. Bone grafting is often the key to replacing lost bone to have a successful implant placement surgery.

Our goal is to take care of all your needs in the comfort of our dental office so the team you already know, and trust surrounds you. Contact our Etobicoke clinic today to learn more about dental implants and how we can help restore your smile.

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