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The Benefits of Choosing a Dental Bridge

December 31, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Ellie Moore
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If you are missing just one or two teeth, especially in the back of your mouth where it is barely visible when you smile or speak, you should know the dangers of leaving the empty space. If you don’t fill in the gap left by a missing tooth, you are putting the rest of your teeth at risk. When there is a space, your other teeth tend to start moving to fill in that space. This can cause problems with your bite, can unduly wear down your teeth and can lead to the loss of more teeth.

We advise our Toronto, ON patients on the importance of replacing missing teeth, and a dental bridge is one option we can highly recommend. When teeth are missing, a dental bridge can fill in the space, not only giving you back the ability to chew properly but saving your remaining teeth as well.

Benefits of Getting a Dental Bridge

We have already discussed why it’s important to replace missing teeth. Let’s take a look at the benefits you can enjoy with a dental bridge.

  1. Easier chewing. Having gaps in your teeth is not only unsightly—it might even make you self-conscious about smiling or eating in public—but it can make chewing and speaking a challenge. With a dental bridge to fill in the space, you can get back full function or your teeth. You can smile again with confidence.
  2. Bone health protection. If you are missing teeth, your facial structure may start to sink in around the space. A dental bridge will keep the shape of your face intact.
  3. Better oral health. If you think of a shelf of books and what happens to the surrounding books when you remove on, this is similar to what happens in your mouth. When teeth are missing, the surrounding teeth will move in to fill the gap. This throws off the way you chew and leads to a higher risk of more tooth loss.

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