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How Can I Take Care of My Teeth and Gums at Home?

April 24, 2020
Posted By: Toronto Lakeshore Dental
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The best approach to preventive dentistry is two-fold, combining regular visits to your dentist with consistent habits at home. Because your dentist only sees you a handful of times each year, you must maintain a comprehensive oral hygiene routine on your own to protect your smile between dental appointments

Luckily, taking care of your teeth and gums at home is pretty straightforward. You don’t need any fancy equipment or special skills to care for your smile—just the willingness to put in a few minutes of oral care each day and the discipline to make healthy life choices. 

Below, we’ve compiled some tips for excellent preventive dental care in Etobicoke:

Brush Gently Using a Soft-Bristled Toothbrush

Of the worst things you can do for your gums is to brush too forcefully, especially with a hard-bristled toothbrush. While you might think that vigorous brushing does a better job of removing plaque from your teeth, it can hurt your oral health by receding your gums. 

Floss Your Teeth Every 24 Hours 

While you need to brush your teeth multiple times each day for optimal oral health, you only need to floss once each day to remove food debris and plaque from between your teeth. Dental plaque takes at least 24 hours to harden and turn into tartar, so you’re safe flossing only once per day. Flossing is one of the best ways to protect your gums and prevent periodontal disease. 

Be Smart about Your Sugar Intake

Everyone knows sugar is bad for their teeth, but that’s usually not enough to stop them from consuming it. We understand that most people won’t be able to give up sugar entirely, so we suggest that they instead focus on being “smart” about how they eat it. 

When you do indulge in a sugary treat, it’s best to eat it alongside a meal. After you’re done, be sure to drink plenty of water to help wash away bacteria. We even advise chewing a piece of sugar-free gum immediately after your dessert to help stimulate saliva production and discourage frequent snacking. 

Get More Advice from Your Etobicoke Dentists

At Toronto Lakeshore Dental, we want you to maintain a healthy smile for life. If you’d like more tips about maintaining impeccable preventive dental care in Etobicoke, please call us today at (416) 503-3335!