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Elements of a Dental Exam

October 15, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Ellie Moore
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Visiting the dentist probably isn't your favorite thing to do. But getting those regular checkups and cleaning from an experienced dentist is important, and not just to your oral health! Oral health has been shown to affect heart conditions, diabetes, and more, so it's not just your teeth and gums that you should be worried about. However, visiting the dentist every 6 months is a very effective means for preventing serious health issues. 

Professional Dental Exams in Toronto

Dental exams are a simple process, and if you are working with a great dentist, you should feel comfortable with the entire procedure! Here's what you can expect: 

  • Exam: Your appointment will include an exam from your dentist, where they will take the time to look at each tooth, your gums, and mouth. This is where your dentist will be able to anticipate any early signs of serious issues, or take not of any tooth decay that has formed since your last visit to the dentist. Then, your dentist can recommend treatment. 
  • X-rays: You should get x-rays done at least once a year, although your dentist may take them more frequently if needed. X-rays allow us to see areas of the mouth not visible otherwise, like the inside of your teeth. This helps your dentist determine if any issues need to be addressed. 
  • Cleaning: You should have your teeth cleaned professionally twice a year. This is vital towards preventing tooth decay, and even great at-home care won't provide the deep cleaning that a dental office can. Your dentist or a hygienist will remove any plaque buildup from your teeth, and they will also floss and polish your teeth during your cleaning. Removing any buildup on your teeth is what helps to prevent tooth decay, which can cause much more serious and expensive procedures down the road if it is not addressed. 
  • Treatment: If you are in need of any further treatment, your dentist will recommend what procedures you might need during your appointment. For example, if you are in need of gum disease treatment or cavity fillings, your dentist will discuss these options with you. 

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