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What to Expect From Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

June 9, 2021
Posted By: Dr. Hayoung Kim, DDS
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Dental implants have significantly improved the world of tooth replacement options for over 50 years. A dental implant allows you to restore your smile with something that closely mimics your natural tooth so you can enjoy smiling, eating, and chewing as much as you did before tooth loss.

Implants need proper bone support to be successful, and conditions like gum disease can reduce the healthy bone structure you have to support your implant. The good news is that a bone grafting procedure can help patients with bone loss enjoy the benefits that dental implants have to offer.

What Is Bone Grafting?

At Toronto Lakeshore Dental, Dr. Joo performs bone grafting surgeries to rebuild bone structure for patients who need additional support for dental implants. We can do this procedure right in our own Etobicoke dental office so you can work with the team you trust throughout your treatment.

Dr. Joo uses either natural or synthetic bone material during a bone grafting procedure to rebuild your jawbone. It will integrate with your own bone over time and stabilize it for dental implants. The process typically takes a few months.

To achieve the best results, Dr. Joo may also use a procedure called Platelet Rich Fibrin, or PRF, which uses stem cells from a small amount of your own blood to help accelerate the healing process after bone grafting. This leading-edge technology ensures that our patients achieve the best results for their bone grafting and, ultimately, their dental implants.

How Can I Learn More in Etobicoke?

If you're living with compromised or missing teeth, we would love to talk with you about dental implants in Long Branch. Dental implants can replace one lost tooth or multiple missing teeth by supporting dental prosthetics like a denture, partial, or bridge. If bone grafting would benefit you, Dr. Joo will discuss the procedure and time frame with you.

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