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Gum Surgery: The Road to Recovery

October 7, 2020
Posted By: Dr. Haejin Lee, DDS
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Taking good care of yourself after gum surgery in Etobicoke is the first step toward a smooth recovery. Although it typically takes about two weeks to fully recover from gum surgery, there are some other steps and measures you can take at home to make sure you're feeling great again in no time.

#1: Use Ice to Minimize Swelling

You can begin to use ice packs as soon as you get home after your surgery. Ice the affected area on and off every 20 minutes.

Not only do ice packs help to minimize swelling, but they also ease discomfort.

#2: Take Your Medication

Your dentist in Etobicoke may send you home with antibiotics and pain medication to help combat infection and provide you with relief from discomfort during your recovery. Take your medications as directed to help your recovery stay on track.

#3: Stick to Softer Foods

Soft foods are recommended the first day or two after your gum surgery. Also, avoid foods that are hot or cold and stick to items that are room temperature to avoid irritating your extraction site.

#4: Maintain Your Brushing Routine

Even though you've just had gum surgery, it is still important to stick to your regular brushing routine and just avoid the extraction site. Do avoid flossing your teeth for the next week or so until your mouth is healed.

#5: Rest

Rest is the most important aspect to ensure a speedy recovery. Take the first couple of days off after your surgery, and be sure to keep exercise light and to a minimum.

At Toronto Lakeshore Dental, we're here to support you through gum surgery before, during, and after your procedure. Feel free to contact our Etobicoke dental office at (416) 503-3335 if you need more information about gum surgery or support during your recovery.