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Root Canal or Tooth Extraction: What's the Right Choice for You?

June 19, 2021
Posted By: Dr. Ellie Moore
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If you have a compromised tooth, you may be experiencing excruciating pain. In this case, you might feel like a tooth extraction is the best way to handle the situation and alleviate your pain. But what if you had another option where you didn't have to lose a tooth?

The good news is that you might be able to save your tooth and eliminate your painful infection with root canal treatment. Here's what you should know about root canals and tooth extraction.

When Do I Need Root Canal Treatment?

Your dentist in Etobicoke may recommend root canal treatment when your tooth is infected. A root canal removes the diseased tissue from inside your tooth, eliminating your infection and discomfort. This treatment also preserves your natural tooth structure once your dentist strengthens it with a permanent filling or crown.

After your tooth heals from root canal therapy, you'll enjoy all the function and ease of eating and chewing that you had before your tooth infection.

Is a Root Canal Painful?

At Toronto Lakeshore Dental, we use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that you are completely comfortable during your root canal procedure. Dental anesthetics immediately relieve your pain and discomfort, while electric hand tools make it quick and easy for our dentists to eliminate your infection.

If you've heard horror stories about root canals in the past, you can rest assured that modern dentistry has made this procedure much more comfortable and efficient.

When Do I Need a Tooth Extraction?

If your tooth is broken, decayed or fractured beyond what a root canal can save, your dentist may suggest a tooth extraction. This will prevent your infection from spreading and affecting neighbouring teeth and other critical areas of your body.

However, when you lose a tooth, it's important to think about replacing it to avoid further problems like surrounding teeth drifting or bite misalignment that leads to jaw joint problems.

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