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Why does my child need dental sealants?

Your child’s dentist in Etobicoke may recommend dental sealants if they present with cavities often during regular checkups and dental cleanings. Dental sealants are a barrier between cavity-causing ingredients and your child’s tooth enamel.

young child brushing teethHow Dental Sealants Work

Before your dentist treats teeth with a dental sealant, we typically provide teeth cleaning. We do this, so plaque and tartar are not trapped between the enamel and sealant.

After the teeth cleaning, we apply an agent to make the tooth surface a bit tacky. This helps the sealant adhere. Then your dentist spreads the sealant and sets it with a special dental light.

Dental sealants can last for years, and the dentist can check their integrity during preventive checkups and cleanings. We can touch-up sealants as needed.

Even though dental sealants form a protective barrier around the dental enamel, it is still essential to bring your child to the dentist regularly. Brushing their teeth on schedule is also crucial to their long-term oral health.

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