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What is gum grafting surgery?

Periodontal (gum) disease attacks the soft tissues that surround and support your teeth. When these tissues become damaged or infected, they can begin to recede away from your tooth, resulting in gum loss. Loss of protective gum tissue leads to painful root exposure, and if it's left untreated, this condition results in bone and tooth loss.

man smiling with blue backgroundRestore Lost Gum Tissue

Gum grafting surgery provides a solution for restoring lost gum tissue and protecting your tooth and root. By adding soft tissue to your gums, it will heal and integrate with your remaining tissue over time and protect your tooth and root from the damage caused by gum disease.

Gum Surgery in Etobicoke

Dr. Joo can perform gum surgery in Etobicoke right here at Toronto Lakeshore Dental so you can work with the team you trust. It takes around two weeks to heal from gum grafting surgery and your dental team is here to support you throughout the entire process. 

Gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss in adults. Regular visits to your dentist in Etobicoke every six months help to protect you from issues like gum disease and tooth decay.

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