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Can teeth be straightened at any age?

Woman smilingOnce a patient reaches late childhood, they are usually eligible to begin orthodontic treatment. 

At Toronto Lakeshore Dental, we offer orthodontics in Etobicoke to adults and children who are ready to straighten their teeth. 

Orthodontics for All Ages

We can begin orthodontics for children at a variety of ages, depending on the child’s unique circumstances and anatomy. We will never start orthodontic treatment for a toddler or young child, but we will monitor your child’s teeth as they grow beginning at a young age so that we know when they can realistically start wearing braces. 

Some children are ready for braces as early as age eight or nine, whereas others are better off waiting until they’re at least eleven. Children, teenagers, and adults who are older than age eleven or twelve are typically good candidates to begin orthodontic treatment whenever they decide to move forward.

Traditional Braces and Invisalign in Etobicoke ON 

Even if you’re an adult who’s waited decades for a straighter smile, it’s never too late to align your teeth. We offer both traditional braces and Invisalign for adults who want to participate in orthodontics in Etobicoke. 

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